IVF treatment

It is crucial for us that you receive the best possible treatment.

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IVF treatment

We care about you

Before we start preparing for your IVF treatment, there may be a number of questions you need answers to.

For example, if you have doubts as to whether insemination or IVF treatment is best suited to your situation, we will be happy to help you with a preliminary assessment.

We would be happy to let you know what information we need so that our assessment is qualified.

With us you will receive advice and treatment according to your needs and wishes.


An IVF treatment

is suitable for those who want to use their own eggs and have them fertilized in the laboratory using the “test tube method”.

Hormonal stimulation beforehand helps to form as many mature egg cells as possible.

After egg retrieval, the egg cells are fertilized – either with partner or donor sperm.

You agree with the doctor when it is best to have the embryo transfer.

If, after the transfer, there are still embryos that have reached a fertilization stage called a blastocyst, they can be frozen for a new attempt or sibling treatment.

An IVF treatment consists of the following steps:

– Conducting a consultation to prepare the treatment and explain the stimulation

– Sending your prescription so that you can order the medicine online or get it from a pharmacy near you

– Registration on the 1st day of the cycle, we will send you a plan for the stimulation and the ultrasound scans

– Depending on the ultrasound result, the stimulation may be adjusted and the day of egg retrieval planned

– Egg retrieval in Copenhagen

– Fertilization of your eggs in the laboratory

– Depending on the number of embryos and the success of fertilization, the transfer takes place on day 2/3 or 5 after retrieval

Prior to starting IVF treatment

Preparatory conversation

Before the IVF treatment can start here with us, you will have an IVF consultation with our doctor or nurse.

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Own partner’s sperm

If your husband or partner is also supposed to be the biological father of the child, some examinations must be carried out beforehand.

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Before the actual treatment process, it makes sense to have samples taken by your doctor.

Some of these are mandatory, others only recommended.

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AMH = Anti Müllerian Hormone:

A hormone that is formed in the early follicles in the ovaries.

We analyze it here in the clinic, as it is an important parameter that we use in the overall assessment of how we can help you in the best way to become a parent.

AMH can be measured in a blood test and is used to assess the number of eggs that can mature in your ovaries.

A high AMH value is a sign of many follicles and a young biological age, a sign of a large “egg reserve”, but it can also be a sign of PCOS = Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. A low AMH value is an indication that the ovary has an older biological age and thus a smaller egg reserve.

AMH is used in conjunction with an ultrasound scan of the ovaries to assess the ovaries before a fertility treatment. AMH is very constant throughout the menstrual cycle and is therefore a useful measure.

Sellmer Clinic has its own equipment for measuring AMH and therefore we can give you the answer the same day as you get the blood sample taken.

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