Pricelist- IVF treatment

Prices are valid from 01.03.2021


Fertility assessment – Consultation, ultrasound and AMH test

IVF consultation



1 IVF treatment 3.300,00
2 IVF treatment 3.000,00
3 IVF treatment 2.700,00
All IVF treatments are incl. virus testing, ultrasounds, aspiration and transfer
Cancellation of cycle before aspiration 520,00
Egg donation (incl. treatment of the sperm, freezing and transfer) 7.400,00

Insemination with donor from SellmerDiers sperm bank.

Therefore you can choose a donor from our donorlist and hereby save the shipping, handling and deposit fees.

Donorsperm without ID-release (without profile) 430,00
Donorsperm with the possibility of ID-release (with profile) 650,00
Donorsperm with a donor with ID-release (with profile) 810,00