Pricelist – Insemination

Price list – insemination

 Price regulations take place annually on March 1st.

Insemination in natural cycle, incl. one scan (excl. sperm unit) 620,00
Additional scan in natural cycle 140,00
Insemination in stimulated cycle incl. all scans (excl. sperm unit) 825,00
Cancellation of insemination in stimulated cycle 210,00
Sperm Analysis and purification 250,00

Insemination with donor sperm from Born Donor Bank (former SellmerDiers sperm bank).

You can order donor sperm from Born Donor Bank through us – this is a comparatively cheap and convenient solution for you.

There are no additional costs for transport, handling or depot fees. We take care of the order, delivery and offer free reservation for a month.

Please contact us via +45 30 30 70 80 or if you have questions.

Of course you can buy a sperm unit from a sperm bank yourself,  but in that case you will organize the delivery to the Sellmer Clinic yourself – you then pay a €140.00 reception fee (one month storage included) here at the clinic.

Donorsperm with NO ID-release, max75 (without profile) 855,00
Donorsperm with NO ID-release, max25 (without profile) 1030,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, max75 (with profile) 1.175,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, max25 (with profile) 1.605,00

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