Preliminary consultation

The initial consultation before an IVF-treatment takes place at the clinic or alternatively as a video call. Our doctor or nurse and you talk about your starting point, the stimulation and the treatment process.

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The initial interview is a personal conversation that either takes place in quiet and comfortable surroundings at the clinic or alternatively over the phone / via Skype.

We will explain the insemination or IVF process, coordinate your individual treatment and answer your questions that arise in the process. We will also talk about your considerations towards donor wishes, timing, lifestyle and maybe previous births or treatments. Please provide us with your AMH-test result, your TSH-test result and a written report about your AFC-scan (follicle count egg reserve), if you want to do IVF treatment or need us to assess which tretament would be best for you. Before an insemination those tests and the scan are not obligatory, but recommendable. It is also recommendable to check the passage of the ovaries before an insemination treatment.

The interview takes offset in what is most relevant for you to focus on. It is often a good idea for you to prepare a list of questions before the initial interview, but you are also welcome to contact us with questions afterwards.

You can ask any questions that come to mind about this. It is important to us that you feel well looked after and prepared.

In addition, we talk about what sperm donor wishes you have when you need one:

First things first – should it be an ID release or a NO ID release donor? Which criteria are decisive for you?

We will of course discuss the same considerations if egg donation is required.

We listen to your considerations and advise you so that you can make a decision that is just right for you.

Feel free to bring a friend/family member to the interview; a second pair of ears can be very helpful. We are happy to support you during the conversation and otherwise if you have not yet shared your thoughts and feelings with those around you.

The interview can take place here in the clinic or by telephone/via Teams.

Age limit: In Denmark it is only legal to offer fertility treatment to women within the age range of 18 to 45 years (both inclusive).

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