Insemination at Sellmer Clinic

With the help of an ultrasound – which is included in the insemination price – and together with you, we will find the ideal time for the insemination.

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We welcome couples and singles from all over the world that wish to become parents

We help people from Germany, England, the State of New York and many other countries in our clinic situated close to the Copenhagen Airport.

The insemination takes place in cooperation with you in a relaxed setting at Sellmer Clinic.
It is very important to us that you feel comfortable and relaxed before the start of the insemination in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Before treatment starts, we will shortly talk about how you feel, and your cycle days will be noted in your journal. You are also very welcome to ask questions about all phases of your treatment.

We then proceed to taking a follicle scan to determine the size and shape of the follicle and the endometrium. This scan is part of the insemination.

When the scan has confirmed that the insemination can take place, we go ahead and prepare the donor sperm, ie. sperm is purified so that only the best and most vigorous sperm is left and ready for insemination. This approach provides maximum safety for the success of the insemination and subsequent pregnancy.

The actual insemination of sperm is done bey using a thin, sterile catheter guided up through the cervix into the uterus where the sperm is placed. It is a very gentle method, and the sperm is now placed a lot closer to reaching the egg.
The actual insemination takes a short time and should cause neither pain nor discomfort.

After the insemination you are welcome to lie down for a bit more and rest.

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