Initial consultation

The fertility treatment with donor eggs begins with a consultation after which we make an individual treatment plan for you.

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We can find a donor for you. First step is to have a medical consultation with healthcare professionals at Sellmer Clinic.

They help you plan your treatment and draw up a personalized treatment plan taking your wishes and needs into account.
The consultation will cover any previous fertility treatments, pregnancies or medical conditions that could affect your fertility.


In order to prepare for the interview in the best possible way, we require relevant blood tests, ultrasound exams, records of previous treatments, surgeries and other relevant material.

Based on the results, we can assess your fertility and develop a customized plan for your egg donation treatment. We will talk to you about your expectations of treatment and answer any questions you may have.

It is also worth mentioning that the doctor consultation can take place online. This offering you a greater flexibility in terms of schedule and saves you time and trips to Copenhagen or Aarhus.

Why choose Sellmer Clinic for your treatment?