Our results

Achieving a pregnancy at Sellmer Clinic is something we feel so happy about. Our statistics tell that our treatment has been successful quite often, and we allow us to be proud of the results.

We constantly monitor the statistics and conclude that your chance of getting pregnant also depends on your age.

Insemination with donor sperm for the last 5 years:

Women under 35 years Women between 35 – 40 years Women between 41 – 42 years
2016: 23% 2016: 17% 2016: 9%
2017: 22% 2017: 17% 2017: 8%
2018: 23% 2018: 17% 2018: 8%
2019: 23% 2019: 17% 2019: 12%
2020: 24% 2020: 19% 2020: 9%

The numbers represent the treatments given from January to December each year.

There is a pattern: The younger you are, the higher the chances to become pregnant and the less the risk of spontaneous abortion.

Spontaneous abortion appears in the same frequency, whether you got pregnant by artificial insemination or otherwise.

Statistics and probability are on the one hand informative, but each treatment for each single woman may on the other hand be very different from the statistics. We see women who are lucky the first time and we see young women who have to come for treatmentgo through more times than the statistics have stated.

We strive to customize the treatment as much as possible to you: Your choice of donor, number and timing of scans, time of insemination also during the weekend and on holidays are flexible offers that give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

Only in this way we can ensure getting the good results we have.