Screening of donors

The Danish sperm banks guarantee the selection and verification of donors according to applicable quality and safety standards. This excludes donors who, for example, are predisposed to diseases or have contagious / genetic diseases that could pose a risk of disease for the patient and / or donor child. 

Donor candidates go through a comprehensive admissions process applying the relevant rules, recommendations from the Danish Health Authority and the sperm bank’s internal standards. 

The selection criteria include: 

  • The age of the donor 
  • An assessment of any risky behaviour 
  • Donor interviews 
  • A review of completed questionnaires and medical records to assess family medical history 
  • A medical examination 
  • The assessment of a specialist in human genetics 
  • Sperm-, blood- and urine samples to examine the sperm quality and numerous contagious and genetic diseases 

In addition, donors are continuously tested for contagious diseases throughout the entire donation period.