Parent Storage

If you have become pregnant using donor sperm, you can reserve sperm from the same donor for potential future siblings. This will make your children full genetic siblings. We use the term “Parent Storage” for this service and it can be established by contacting Sellmer Clinic directly.

We recommend that you reserve the donor sperm as soon as you have become pregnant, our experience shows, that the donor very quickly can be sold out and if you wait, the donor may no longer be available.

Please contact Sellmer Clinic by E-mail: or Telephone +45 3030 7080.

We need the following details:
1. Donor name
2. Number of units
3. Number of years in storage
4. Name
5. The address
6. Social Security (Day, Month, Year)
7. Telephone number
8. E-mail

Parant storage can be established for: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 og 10 years.

If, for example, you choose 3 years Parent Storage and you have not used the sperm in storage, you can extend it. Just let us know and we will add an extension to your existing Parent Storage.
We recommend that you reserve a minimum of 6-8 units per child.

Unused units in the repository can be refunded with 75% of the purchase price if there are no restrictions on the donor in question (e.g. the donor has achieved the legal amount of pregnancies). The money will only be refunded, if the sperm is bought through Sellmer Clinic.