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Donor categories

Sellmer Clinic cooperates with Born Donor Bank that offers 4 different donor categories.

You can also order from Livio, Cryos or the European Sperm Bank.

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Born Donor Bank

We work together with the Born Donor Bank (formerly SellmerDiers sperm bank), from whom we can order a donor unit at the earliest one month before the planned treatment date, which we would like to reserve for your upcoming treatment.

As soon as you have completed the preparatory consultation and are coming for treatment in your next cycle, you can send us your reservation requests by email: 

The Born Donor Bank has 4 different donor categories to choose from.

When you order through us, you don’t have to pay for transport, pregnancy slot or the reservation.


Livio Sperm Bank

We also have a collaboration with Livio Sperm Bank, which enables us to offer you a more favorable price.

Livio Sperm Bank has chosen to work exclusively with non-anonymous donors.

When you order through us, we also arrange transport and purchase of a pregnancy slot for you, but you will be invoiced for these services.

The reservation is valid for one month and is free of charge.



Cryos International Sperm Bank and European Sperm Bank

You can also freely choose donor sperm from other Danish sperm banks – here you purchase the sperm yourself and have it sent to the clinic. We will store it until you come for the treatment.

With us, you pay a reception fee for units you have bought yourself and have sent here. One month’s storage is included in this price, but if the sperm unit is to be stored here for a longer period, you must create a storage.

Both Cryos and the European Sperm Bank offer both NO ID release and ID release donors.

Why choose Sellmer Clinic for your treatment?

High success rate

The vast majority of our patients have a successful course of treatment

Easy transport

We are close to Copenhagen Airport and public transport

Transparent prices

We have no additional fees or weekend or public holiday surcharges

No waiting time

We have no waiting time before insemination and IVF treatments; we even make an egg cell donation possible after a few months