Donor categories

You may choose either a donor without ID-release (without profile), or a donor with ID-release (with profile). These donor categories only include SellmerDiers Spermbank’s own donors.

Donor without ID-release, without profile

You will only be able to obtain the following basic information about the donor:

  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour
  • Height, weight
  • Blood type
  • Employment

It is not possible to get a donor profile on this type of donor.

When choosing a donor without ID-release, it will not be possible to obtain information about the donor’s identity at any time.

Donor with ID-release, with profile

You will receive a donor profile consisting of 8-15 pages of personal information about the donor in addition to the basic information.

The Information includes:

  • Donor history
  • Education
  • Family circumstances
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Personality
  • Detailed information on appearance
  • Facial features and build
  • Assessment by the staff
  • Photos of the donor from his childhood
  • A handwritten greeting

If you choose an ID-release donor, the clinic will, when the donor child has turned 18, and only at the request of the donor child, assist the donor child in establishing / arranging contact between the donor child and the donor. The clinic may for example provide the donor child with the donor’s identity in the form of his name, date of birth and last known address, whereafter the donor child makes contact him- / herself.