Treatment plan

How does it work when it comes to receiving an egg cell donation at the Sellmer Clinic? Here you can find a short overview:

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  • Initial consultation
    Together we create an individual plan – the conversation leads to you defining your criteria for your future donor.
    We will find a donor who meets your criteria.
    Only when you have approved the donor do we start with the actual treatment.


  • Hormone treatment and egg collection from an egg donor
  • The egg donor receives hormone treatment to produce more eggs than in a natural cycle.The egg cells are fertilized in the laboratory. The retrieved eggs are fertilized either with the sperm of the recipient’s partner or with donor sperm. This is done using the ICSI method.The oocytes divide for five days until they reach the blastocyst stage.
  • Freezing
  • If we have several fertilized eggs that will become blastocysts, we can freeze them for you to use later in a freeze cycle (FER).


  • Transfer during hormone treatment or in a natural cycle
  • We try to coordinate your cycle with pills so that your uterus is ready to receive a blastocyst five days after egg collection from the donor.Before the transfer, you will be treated with hormones (estrogen and progesterone) so that your uterine lining builds up optimally and is thus ready for the best possible attachment of the blastocyst after implantation.



Please note that if you cancel an egg donation after you have agreed to the donor and the start of treatment and the donor has started hormone stimulation, a significant fee will be charged.


Are you considering a treatment package with baby guarantee?

It is often a long life-journey, women and couples considering egg donation have behind them:

Maybe the right partner or the right moment has not been there, maybe you have a difficult treatment period with your own eggs behind you; There are many reasons why the need for an egg donation occurs.

A dream finally coming true

When you read here, it is probably based on a desire that you now finally and certainly may succeed in getting pregnant and going all the way. With the baby guarantee, you ensure the optimal prerequisites for your dream to come true and the fertility journey to culminate in a family.

We can quickly and easily help you get started so you don’t lose more precious time. The baby guarantee creates the tranquility you need along the way so that stress and worries don’t weigh your course.

Read more about the content and prices of the treatment package here


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