Pricelist – Egg donation

Perhaps you can profit from a baby guarantee? Read more about the option in the following.

Pricelist – Egg donation

 Price regulations take place annually on March 1st.

(Please note that we cannot accept cash payments of 2.680 € or more.)

Egg donation (incl. ICSI, transfer and medication for egg donor) 6.985,00
Donormatch 685,00
Egg donation with own known donor (incl. ICSI and transfer) 6.300,00
Cancellation of egg donation after donor acceptance 685,00
Cancellation of egg donation after started donor stimulation 2.740,00

(In connection with an egg donation, we guarantee a blastocyst if donor or partner sperm with a motility of over 2 million/ml were used for fertilization.)

(In connection with an egg donation with a known donor, the recipient bears the cost of the medicine.)


Baby guarantee with egg donation

Package price baby guarantee 20.995,00

A baby guarantee package includes:

  • 3 egg donations, including all freezing and storage of blastocysts for 2 years and transfers

(If there are frozen blastocysts, they must be used before a new egg donation)

  • The legally required blood tests for HIV and hepatitis

If there is a medical indication, the package also contains:

  • Further blood tests
  • Vaginal microbiome
  • Examination for endometriosis and endometritis
  • ERA test
  • DFI test
  • Embryo Glue
  • Calcium ionophore
  • ICSI

In the case of a male partner and a sperm quality of at least 2 million/ml, the package also contains a sperm analysis and, if necessary, freezing and storage of the sperm for 2 years or until the package binding expires. The sperm is then destroyed.

The package does NOT include:

  • Medicine
  • In the case of a double donation: Units (and their possible cleaning or delivery) of a sperm donor or the services associated with a known sperm donor
  • In the case of a male partner: sperm analysis and, if necessary, freezing if the sperm quality is less than 2 million/ml
  • For the male partner: Tese or Tesa

The package binding ends (with):

– a live born child

– 3 egg donations and all associated transfer treatments

– 2 years after the purchase of the package (but if there is a pregnancy at the end of the package, the birth of a live child is awaited)

– 2 years after the purchase of the package (but if there are frozen blastocysts at the end of the package, they must be used before the package finally expires)

– a break of more than 4 months between treatments (the invoice date is used for this calculation)

– if the woman decides to have an abortion for a non-medical reason

– on the day when the egg recipient turns 46 years old

– the patient aks us to cancel the treatment


Potential package buyers and partners:

All prospective package buyers and their partners must be evaluated and approved by one of our doctors before the package can be purchased.

If, contrary to expectations, the baby guarantee is not fulfilled even though all package requirements have been met, 75% of the package price will be refunded.

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