AMH & FSH, get the test done here, with results the same day!

AMH = Anti Müllerian Hormone: A hormone that is formed in the early follicles in the ovaries.

FSH = Follicle Stimulating Hormone, A hormone that causes the follicles to grow.

We analyze both here in the clinic, as they are important parameters that we use in the overall assessment of how we can help you in the best way to become a parent.

AMH can be measured in a blood test and is used to assess the number of eggs that can mature in your ovaries.

A high AMH value is a sign of many follicles and a young biological age, a sign of a large “egg reserve”, but it can also be a sign of PCOS = Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. A low AMH value is an indication that the ovary has an older biological age and thus a smaller egg reserve.

AMH is used in conjunction with FSH as well as an ultrasound scan of the ovaries to assess the ovaries before a fertility treatment. AMH is very constant throughout the menstrual cycle and is therefore a more useful measure than FSH, which varies during the cycle.

Sellmer Clinic has its own equipment for measuring AMH and therefore we can give you the answer the same day as you get the blood sample taken.

AMH-concentration pmol/l AMH-concentration ng/ml Significance for fertility treatment
Over 7 Over 1,0 Normal value. Good treatment options
Between 3-7 Between 0,4-1,0 Somewhat low value, Treatment can be increased
Below 3 Below 0,4 Very few eggs on stimulation. The chances of pregnancy is significantly reduced

FSH can be used as a kind of measure of the ovaries’ capacity to produce ova. If the ovaries are not very active, the body raises the FSH concentration. A high FSH is a sign of decreased function of the ovaries and decreased egg reserve.

FSH changes throughout the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it is important that the blood sample is taken at the right time, we recommend cycle day 2-5. By measuring FSH early in the cycle, one can measure the individual maximum FSH value.

Normally, FSH is low in younger people (below 8 IU / L), but it increases with age to the highest values ​​around menopause, above 25 IU / L. The lower the FSH in the individual woman, the more likely it is that the ovaries will easily produce good quality eggs.

Sellmer Clinic has its own equipment to measure FSH and therefore we can give you the answer the same day as you get the blood sample taken.

FSH IU/L Significance for fertility treatment
3,5-10 Normal value. Good treatment options
10-15 The values may indicate that stimulation is required
15-25 Difficult to achieve pregnancy
25-135 Pregnancy not possible