Treatment using own partner’s sperm


It is such a privilege when the partner is also the biological father of the child. Before donating the sperm for the treatment, it is necessary to have the following tests done: 

Hepatitis B: HBsAG Anti HBc 

Hepatitis C: Anti- HCV-Ab 

HIV 1+2: Anti HIV-1/2 

The blood tests can be carried out here at the clinic or by the general practitioner in your own country. It is important that the blood test results are presented before starting treatment. 

We would also like to check the sperm quality before starting the treatment. You may have already had a diagnostic sperm analysis – in this case, please send it to us before the planning process. You are also welcome to have the sperm analysis done at the clinic. There is a donor room in the clinic or you can bring the sperm sample from home (but this would need to be coordinated with us). 

You can email us at or call us and book an appointment whenever it suits your schedule. You will receive the result of the sperm analysis no later than the next day by email or phone. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email: or by phone: +45 30 30 70 80.