Pricelist – Sperm from Cryos

Price list – Sperm

Price regulations take place annually on March 1st.

Insemination with donor sperm from Cryos Sperm Bank.

You can order donor sperm from Cryos Spem Bank through us – this is a comparatively cheap and convenient solution for you.

There are no additional costs for transport, handling or depot fees. We take care of the order, delivery and offer free reservation for a month.

You can select a sperm donor from Cryos’ own database: Database

Of course you can buy a sperm unit from a sperm bank yourself,  but in that case you will organize the delivery to the Sellmer Clinic yourself – you then pay a €140.00 reception fee (one month storage included) here at the clinic.

Cryos Sperm Bank MOT 10* (ICSI & Egg donation) EURO
Donorsperm with NO ID-release, Basis (without donorprofile) 425,00
Donorsperm with NO ID-release, Extended (with Spenderprofil) 540,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, Basis (without donorprofil) 1050,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, Extended (with Spenderprofile) 1.410,00
Cryos Sperm Bank MOT 20* (IVF & Insemination) EURO
Donorsperm with No ID-release, Basis (without donorprofile) 685,00
Donorsperm with No ID-release, Extended (with donorprofile) 875,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, Basis (without donorprofile) 1100,00
Donorsperm with ID-release, Extended (with donorprofile) 1.645,00

*Surcharge when ordering sperm donors from the USA

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