It is important that we carry out treatments at the right time, for example an insemination.

A cycle begins on the first day of bleeding. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before a cycle begins.

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The cycle begins on the first day of menstrual bleeding. The last day of the cycle is the day before the next menstrual period.

Ovulation occurs about 14 days before the start of the next menstrual period.

Some women sense ovulation approaching; however, it is often difficult to determine the exact moment, which is why we recommend the use of ovulation tests.

The tests react to the hormone LH, which triggers ovulation and is only secreted on the few days before and during ovulation.

Start testing early so that you start with a negative test result. The test is positive if both lines are equally dark or the test strip is even darker than the control strip.

If you use a smiley test, the smiley should be there constantly, i.e. not blinking.

The LH surge

The LH concentration rises sharply just before ovulation and can be detected in the urine.

Testing with ovulation tests is very easy because it is a urine test that only shows the increase in the hormone LH.

Some women get positive results in a 24 hour period, others in three to four days.

Only the first maximally positive test is decisive.

You test twice a day, in the morning with the second morning urine (so that it is not so concentrated and the result is realistic) and again in the evening.

In the evening, avoid drinking liquids from about 2 hours before the test and stick to the same time each day.

Please read the instructions for use of the ovulation test carefully before use and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We are happy to advise you.

The first positive test

The first maximally positive test shows ovulation within the next 24 – 36
hours in which the insemination also takes place.

You don’t need to test any further.

The sperm cells used for insemination are active for at least 24 hours after being inseminated through the cervix.

If your test is negative in the morning and positive in the evening, you should have an insemination the following afternoon.

If the test is negative in the evening and positive the following morning, the insemination should be carried out the morning after.

As soon as you have a positive test result, please write us an email or contact us by phone so that we can find the best time for insemination.

If the testing is unsuccessful, please contact us – in this case an ultrasound is advisable to determine the time of insemination.


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