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TESA – the removal of semen from the testicles – is offered to:

● Men who have been sterilized
● Men with severely reduced sperm quality and / or high DFI (DNA Fragility Index), which indicates increased sperm fragility

The doctor takes a small biopsy from the testicle. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes a few minutes. It’s a little uncomfortable, but there is very little risk of complications.
You will stay in the clinic for up to an hour after the procedure to make sure you are okay. Then you can go home or back to the hotel. Mild pain can be expected on the first day, but should subside the next day.
In most cases, sperm are found. The TESA procedure usually takes place the day before the egg collection.


Complications can occur in the form of bleeding in the testicles or infection, but the risk is very small and is less than <0.5%.

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