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In connection with fertility treatment, cells or tissues may be required that have been frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius for a long period of time (possible for up to 5 years).

For example, it is a good idea to freeze unfertilized eggs and keep them for ICSI treatment, where they will be fertilized and then transferred. If you have a serious illness that can lead to infertility, it is important to freeze healthy sperm or eggs before starting treatment.

In this way, sperm are made available at the right time, just as unfertilized or fertilized eggs can be frozen and thawed as needed.


Why choose Sellmer Clinic for your treatment?

High success rate

The vast majority of our patients have a successful course of treatment

Easy transport

We are close to Copenhagen Airport and public transport

Transparent prices

We have no additional fees or weekend or public holiday surcharges

No waiting time

We have no waiting time before insemination and IVF treatments; we even make an egg cell donation possible after a few months