Your menstruations cycle starts the first day of your period, it is about 12-16 days
after the start of your cycle, ovulation occurs. Do you have a little spotting a few days
before your menstrual period, that does not count as days.
Many women can even feel when they ovulate. It can feel like a slight pain in the
lumbar region. Some women may find that their vaginal secretion changes its
appearance in the days before ovulation and some women feel their body temperature
rises slightly.

Ovulation Test
When you are in an artificial insemination process, it is important to find the right
time for insemination, therefore we make use of ovulation tests in the clinic.
Ovulation tests help you to find the days where you can get pregnant. An ovulation
test detects urinary levels of the hormone LH, the LH hormone causing ovulation.
The first positive test tells us that within the next 24-36 hours you are going to have your ovulation.
Hereby we are able to set the correct time for insemination. Ovulation test shows is
simply telling when your ovulation can expect to start, and also predicts the two days
where you have the greatest chance of becoming pregnant.
If the test is positive in the evening, you need to be inseminated the next day. If the
test is positive in the morning, you must either get inseminated the same or next day.
Ovulation tests are easy and safe and hygienic to use and can be used throughout the
day. You can pee directly on the test and then read the result after a few minutes.
In Sellmer Clinic we do not recommend the use of ovulation test strip, as we have
repeatedly encountered error results, use instead ovulation rod.
To be sure we hit the right time for insemination, it is important that you begin to test
before suspicion of ovulation (LH) in your urine, so that you have a test which is
negative to begin with.
We recommend that you test morning and evening on a concentrated urine. You
should not take fluids around 2 hours before you need to test.