Preliminary interview

Initial meeting

Before you can start your treatment with us, we will have an initial conversation with you and also do an ultrasound and take an AMH test.

The preliminary interview is about your wishes and your expectations, and we collect exactly the information we need to adapt the treatment to your needs as well as possible.
We also talk about the examinations that we recommend that you undertake before the start of treatment and the course of the treatment. We will also look at what you can do yourself to increase your chances of conceiving.
You can ask any question that comes to mind. For us it is important that you feel that you are in good hands and prepared for what’s to come.
In addition, we talk about what donation requests you have when you need one:
First of all – should it be a non-contactable donor or an open donor? Which criteria are decisive for you?
We talk about your considerations and advise you so that you can make a decision that is just right for you.
Bring a friend / family member with you to the conversation; it can be very helpful to have a second pair of ears with you. We are there for you during the conversation and in general, if you have not yet shared your thoughts and feelings with those around you. The conversation can take place here in the clinic or over the phone / via Skype.